Requiem for Zsolt Vértessy who was a sport diplomat of motoring and a biker from head to toe.

Zsolt died on the motorway between Prague and Brüno on 17 th of October 2004:

-         owner of Bikercamp Budapest,

-         president of BMW Motor Club Budapest,

-         president of BMW Clubs Hungary,

-         vice-president of BMW Club Europe,

-         president of the Committee for Touring and Concentration of the Hungarian Motorcycle Sport Federation(MAMS) with FIM Licence in enduro and all terrain rally,

-         member in the working Group for Enduro and all terrain rally of Europen Motorcycle Union (UEM)

He has managed his Bikercamp with heart and soul since 1991. He thought of the foundation of it when he was asked to leave the Berlin Camp, with these words, „bikers cannot come in here”. Then he decided this can’t happen with any other bikers in Budapest.

He rode a motorcycle masterfully, he organized excellent enduro tours and he was exellent too in international enduro rides as a sporting steward.

He was a family man, he had 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

All these above wasn’t held in respest by a technical fault. On the motorway back home with his club after a successful tour in Prague he got a blow-out in the back tire of his BMW1200GS motorcycle.

He crashed to the banister of the side of the motorway, he fell over it and he died immediately.


Zsolt, your friendly smile the „biking Europe” never forget.


Zsuzsa founded a Chalenge cup for the memory of Zsolt >>>>continue