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Coming from west on the motorway or from south on the west side of the Danube you have to follow the sign RÁKOCZI HID (Bridge)[old name was this bridge Lágymányosi híd]. After the Bridge pass 3 traffic lights and at the 4th light at a football-stadium under the flyover turn left, take the first street right, then the third street right again.

Coming from south on the east side of the Danube you have to get through a flyover then pass the METRO-store and then straight on through another flyover, turning right you are at the same football- stadium as mentioned above.

Coming from east or north on the eastside of the Danube you have to take the Hungária körút (boulevard) and Könyves Kálmán kőrút and you can turn direct into the Benyovszky Street.

Bikercamp Street View map.

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