The campsite | Camping Budapest

Our campsite operates on a self-serve basis, with access to the fridge. Just jot down onto the scratch pad whatever you consume.

All ages are welcome at our grassy, shady, atmospheric campsite. At the Biker Pub, you can watch videos about motorcycle events, drink and eat with your favourite piped music in the background.

Bikercamp inoor   Camping Budapest Bikercamp  Camping Budapest Bikercamp

Camping Budapest Bikercam  Camping Budapest Bikercamp             

                                                                                                                  The kichen                                                   safe, minibar


Toilet of campsite      

       Lavatory of the campsite,

with washing machine  

  Showers with warm water

Camping Budapest Bikercamp   Camping Budapest Bikercamp  Camping Budapest Bikercamp  

Parking is safe and free


last update: 08.14.2018