"Zsolt Vértessy" Challenge-Cup!

The cup found at 2005.

2005. Peter Kátai   

2006. István Markó

2007. Gábor Grillmayer  

2008. Gábor Grillmayer

2009. Ákos Csorba

2010. Ákos Varga

2011. László Tóth

2012. István Markó

2013. György Solymosi

2014. Péter Kátai

2015. Bence Holló

2016. Bence Holló

2017. the award is suspended 

2018. Gabor Firtosvári

2019. Gabor Szatyna

2020: Pandemic - suspended    

2021:Liszka Roland is a competitor of Váci Laller Racing

2022:Liszka Roland

2023 Liszka Roland The award was presented by Barnabás Zsembery, a member of the Enduró Section who was awarded a lifetime achievement award.                                                                                                  

Founder: Zsuzsanna Mikó HU-1089 Budapest Benyovszky Móric utca.40.

Manager is boss of Enduro Team Suzuki Pécs SE István Nádor






He was the Manager of the award for 15 years.

Sándor Sasvári+

Sasó has dedicated his entire life to motorsports, not only as an athlete, but also as an organizer, association leader and official. He was a member of the enduro committee of the European Motorcycle Union (later FIM Europe), a member of the enduro branch of the Alps-Adriatic Motorcycle Union, and later his head. He was the only one in Hungary to have a FIM off-road rally super license, with which he successfully held the position of competition director for the Hungarian off-road world cup for years. He held several positions within the Hungarian Motorsport Association: he was a former member of the board, head of enduro and a member of the board, and in 2020 he was appointed head of the field by off-road rally. In recognition of and appreciation for his career and work, in 2020 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Board of MAMS.

 Deceased: 2 June 2020.


This cup get absolut Enduro champions's Hungary.



The cup 80 cm toll,


 the top medal, you see zsolt's picture (gravir)


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