in the city center near the "Népliget" station

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Have you ever been to Budapest?
Yes or No whatever. Well, pack your bags! Budapest is an incredible, lively city with much to see.

 Your Budapest holidays will be a rich cultural experience - just don't forget to relax as well!
this is campsite open: all year

(Closed reception at 11 pm to 8 am. only departure, not arrival.)

Advance reservation only.

      Pets are not allowed!

Now only 10 Euros for a person tent place normal (max.6m2) and parking is free.
Now only 20 Euros for a person in the room.

free and non-stop Internet, there is fast  Camping Budapest Bikercamp wifi also.

       Phone: +36-1-3337059   Mobil: +36-30-9713249  


E-mail: eden(at)

 adress: Benyovszky Moric str. 40.  Budapest  H-1089

Budapest great world events!


Last update:10.17.2017


Two-wheel camping for the two-wheeled wanderer maybe car also. Inquire!.
Oasis in the center of Budapest. This listed building was built in 1889.
The camping is in a family house's garden and it's pleasant, shady, with wonderful turf. Nice atmosphere, silence, birdsong.
During your stay in Hungary, BIKERCAMP awaits you in the centre of Budapest with hot water in the showers, cold beer in the mini bar.
The camping is situated near the city centre, it's just a 4-minute walk from the subway.

















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